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Sukirti's Institute of Vedic Astrology

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Astrology is like a gateway drug to a more Cosmic World View

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Astrology is like a Map, Like a Road Map

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Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which is based on planetary positions and their motions. Our astrology consultant's combined knowledge and experience of planetary movements can successfully identify the cause of turmoil in an individual's life. They will establish a correlation to your problems and suggest remedies.

Our astrologers are experienced with significant contribution in their field. They are exceptionally clear, and profoundly satisfying in their approach.

If you have any concern or queries about your life or future, and need advice on astrological issues, consult our astrologers. We are one the most reputed astrology firms in India with more than 30 years of astrology service. When you write to us, we request you to please mention your name date, time and place of birth, which enables us to adequately address your issues.

vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

Predictions using Vedic Science are provided for all the ares of your life especially for Marriage, Job, Property, Career, Health , Business and Prosperity.

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Remedies and Recommendations

Our report can help you overcome the challenges and obstacles in life. The report checks for Kuja dosha, Rahu dosha and Ketu dosha. Moreover, your birth star inflicts some peculiar characteristics in you that can cause difficulties in life; this report gives you birth star based remedies as well.

Panchang predictions

Panchanga Predictions

A panchānga is a Hindu calendar which follows traditional units of Hindu timekeeping. Our experts study Panchāngams and the impact of the signs of the zodiac on the individual.

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Favourable Periods

The reoprt studies your dasas and apaharas, the houses and the planetary positions to generate favourable for your marriage, career, business and house construction.

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