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Let astrology be the guiding light for you, know about your Education, Career, Love life, Marriage, Favorable periods and more. Discover the hidden factors influencing your life and mould it better with personalised horoscope predictions.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the inquest of the shifting and stirring of heavenly bodies about the influence on human behavior. Human beings are relentlessly rummaging for answers to their dilemmas and digging options to make their lives finer and prosperous. Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish Vidya, is a field related to mankind as it aims at providing a remedy for all your obstacles and misfortunes. Due to the rise in demand for Astro related advice and the advent of technology, there are now online astrology consultation services where one can avail Astrological guidance On click of a button.

Astrology is widely regarded as a field of study that takes into account human beings’ attempt to measure and record cosmic movements and predict their impact on humankind’s behavior and the world. We at Jupiter Astro provide online astrology consultation services to our clients so that they can reap the benefits of astrological planning conveniently.

What We Do?

  • Astrology for Educational issues
  • Astrology for Health issues
  • Astrology for Marriage and family issues
  • Astrology for Career related queries
  • Astrology for Property matters
  • Astrology for Business related queries
  • Astrology for Financial issues


Sukirti Kakkar

Astrology Consultant

I bow to Lord Shiva by worshiping whom all the desires are fulfilled. I have great love for Vedic predictive Astrology from my childhood and found it to be divine. I belong to family of astrologers and initially studied it from my father and uncle. In the last 22 years I have visited various countries including America, Australia, Dubai, Korea, Singapore.

Qualification: BE in CSE and Post Graduate in CS from California State University USA.

Hamid Sheikh

Senior Consultant

I have graduation in the subject of geography n geology and masters in the subject of geography

Had interest in occult sciences from young age. Learnt Vedic astrology from Hakim Nasir Ahmed Kapoorthalvi ( a non professional Vedic astrologer)and later on developed interest in the astakavarga system of prediction n timing event. This was taught by Guru Krushna Ji.

I am a non professional astrologer with 35 years of association with this Devine science.The revenue generated on my account is donated to for development of this website n charity.


Astrology Consultant

Lloy has been practicing Astrology for the past 12 years. Lloy has also done his certification in Nadi Astrology, Medical Astrology, Numerology, and BNN ( Bhrigu Nandi Nad i).

LLoy provides simple remedies in term if crystals, Switchwords, Lal Kitab, and Mantras. He provides remedies that can be included in our daily life. LLoy caters to people of all faith and culture. Remedies are provided in such a way that any person of any religion or faith can follow LLoy works towards finiding the root cause of the problem and finding a permanent solution for the problem. He believes for every problem there is a solution. Acceptance and surrender to a situation help to solve the problem 50%.

Kiran Mahyavanshi

Astrology Consultant

Kiran Mahyavanshi I’m Commerce Graduate having worked in various Sector of ITES Industry on Managerial Level. My Journey in Astrology started back in Year 2010 and had opportunity to learn from many guru’s. I specialize in Krishnamurti Paddhati (popularly known as KP Astrology). I Wholeheartedly Thank all my guru’s for imparting this knowledge of divine science. I have been sharing my knowledge and helping people on many Esteem Astrology Forums for the past 7 Years. My Vision and Objective when it comes to Horoscope Reading is to provide a “WOW” Experience and to decode the Negative Aspects in the Horoscope and Validate their Impact, for all major events of Human Life. My Focus would be on “WHY” and “HOW” to mediate the negative events in Life through various astrological remedies.


Tarot Card Reader

Born and raised in Chandigarh, then moved to Bangalore, Infosys. On academic side, Computer Sc Engg, and part alumni of notable IIM. Have travelled across globe thanks to my IT profession but my passion was always occult and then travel. Waited for 8-9 years before met my first Guru who is Grandmaster in Reiki, thanks to my travels. Helping people with Reiki healing all along. Then came across second Guru who helped me to take my passion further, this time it was in world of Tarot Card Reading. Have been on occult journey, now, for almost 10 years. Thanks to my both the Guru’s for their guidance and teaching which help in helping people in better way.

Jimit Jain

Astrology Consultant

I was born and raised in Mumbai. I have completed bachelors in commerce from Mumbai University. I am a jeweller by profession and also an astrologer. My journey of Astrology began after I visited Kedarnath and met a few people whose predictions about me came out absolutely true. That’s when I decided that I want to learn Astrology and gradually I started learning Astrology from my Guru.

Today, with the blessings of my Guru, I have helped out a lot of people with their issues. Relationship issues in Astrology is my core area.

Maneet Gill

Tarot Card Reader

I belong to Hyderabad, and have been in the spiritual realm for fourteen years now.
I practice and teach the sciences of Tarot( Osho Zen Tarot, Sacred Indian Tarot, Shaman Tarot), Reiki, Mokshapat, Meditation, Remedial Yantras, Hooponopono, Etheric cords, Advanced Chakra sytems, Manifestation tools and Shamanism. All has come to me in the Guru-sishya parampara, for which I hold immense gratitude! I've been initiated as Maa Nirmi Keertana, by my Guru.
I do Tarot and Mokshapat consultations for all issues.. Career, money, relationships, health, spirituality, karmic blocks etc.
It is my endeavour to do my humble bit in guiding those who seek the Light!
Do read me on
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Astrology Consultant

I am Science graduate working in Quality department in petrochemical industry. I have 13 year of experience in Vedic astrology and use Parashara and jaimini methods to pin point the event. I deal almost all the problems and questions related to Marriage, Children, Education and Job etc.

Tushar Singh

Astrology Consultant

I'm Tushar, I'm practicing Astrology from last 8 Years. I do practical Astrology based prediction along with simple and effective remedies measured in a logical way. I’m close analyzer of gemstones and have sound knowledge of Gemology. I have expertise namely in Palmistry, Vedic Astrology, Muharat, Vastu, Numerology, KP Astrology complimented by signature and face reading analysis.

My passion of research as encouraged me to join institutes like IIT where I’m currently pursuing Doctorate.

Vicky Vasvani

Astrology Consultant

I have done B.Com and LL.B. from Gujarat University and presently working in Finance & Accounts segment, I have learned under guidance of several people and I thank all of them from bottom of my heart. I am traditional practitioner of Vedic Astrology. We are in pioneer in developing astrology and provide web-based astrology solutions and services in any matter of significance for the customers, through just a phone call/Online/through email.

We will try to discuss the root cause of the different life problems like career, children, marriage, and health etc. And share remedies of those problems in the course of Astrological knowledge.

Challa Jayadev Vara

Astrology Consultant

Learned astrology for 3 years from my varanasi based gure late maharishi sriramachandra.
Practicing astrology professionally from 1990.My mantra sastra guru was late sri gundappa sastry of mysore maharaja samsthan

Satvik Saini

Astrology Consultant

Myself Satvik Saini practicing astrologer since last 5 years I started practicing astrology at young age of 16 in 2016, astrology is one of my karma I am pursuing my formal education in Law.
When it comes to astrology I have my expertise in birth time rectification/ correction, timing of events like marriage , Job, Promotion, Kids, disease, purchasing new vehicle , property and when it comes to remedies I am expert in gem stone recommendation which is most effective remedy in today's kaliyuga.
I was privileged to start my astrology career with some highly placed clients ranging from top bureaucrats to industrialists I also started teaching astrology free of cost at my youtube channel and via articles.

Aanitaa Nigaam

Astrology Consultant

Dr.AnitaaNigaam also known as Jyotish Samrat Dr. Anita Nigam is well renowned celebrity astrologer from India. She is practicing Astrology, Numerology and Vaastu Shastra for over 30 years now. During these 30 years she had given Astrological &Numerological consultancies to over 15000 people and 3000+ Vaastu consultancies across the globe. Not even just personal astrology consultancies, shehad predicted over 30000 sports match predictions which includes sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis, and others with over 80% accuracies, that’s makes her World’s 1st Sports Astrologer too.

For her impeccable work and journey in the +eld of Astrology, Numerology and Vaastu Shastra, Dr. AnitaaNigaam has been awarded with many prestigious awards like

  • Bharat Jyoti Award
  • Rajiv Gandhi Excellency Award
  • Best Citizen of India Award
  • Swami Vivekananda Award

Dr. AnitaaNigaam has been even honoured by the prestigious title of JyotishSmarat as well and featured in Asia’s Who’s Who book as well.Over the years Dr. AnitaaNigaam was regularly featured, interviewed and predictions were posted on National and International Newspapers, TV Shows, Radio,Online Publications etc.

Dr. AnitaaNigaam is quali+ed astrologer as she completed her MA in Anthropology from Lucknow University in 1979 and Jyotish Praveen and JyotishVisharad from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) Delhi Chapter in year 1996 & 1997 respectively. Astrologer Dr. AnitaaNigaam have immense faith and devotee of goddess Saraswathi since childhood, which was the guiding factor for her to started learning numerology in the year 1991.

Astrologer Dr. AnitaaNigaam became India’s 1st Female Astrologer who started predicting on Internet since 1998-99, when India started Internet services for the masses. She started giving Tennis Predictions on US based Tennis website

Astrologer Dr. AnitaaNigaam was among the few top astrologers in India, who started providing astrological services on newly rising astrology portals like,,,, Sify Astrology and many more and changing lives of people across globe. She is among the Elite and Celebrity Astrologer.

Dr. AnitaaNigaam also predicted accurately about many celebrities across the globe, be it was Mukesh Ambani, Barack Obama, Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer, Michael Jackson, Shahrukh Khan, Saif-Kareena wedding and more.

In Media Astrologer Dr. AnitaaNigaam was featured on Zee News, Zee Business regularly as a guest astrologer on various events and topic discussion. Her interview was telecasted on P7 News as Jain TV. Her predictions were published on Hindustan Times, The Guardian – UK, USA Today, The Mirror – UK, The Sun – UK, Indian Express and more. She was Live interviewed on Fever FM and Talk Radio 702 of South Africa as well.